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Cash-value life insurance is the more expensive type of life insurance and offers coverage for life, with an investment component that enables policyholders to build up a tax deferred cash value that may be borrowed against or taken as a lump sum if the policy is canceled.

Is it for you? Cash-value life insurance makes the most sense for wealthier people who have already contributed the maximum to their retirement accounts and who anticipate needing lifetime insurance coverage, or for people who want coverage to help with estate planning. Varieties of cash-value insurance include the following:

Whole life Insurance  offers a face amount of coverage that can be kept for life - often with a premium that starts out higher than term insurance and doesn't change through the life of the policyholder.  Whole life insurance also has an investment component that builds up cash value.

Is it for you?  People who meet the criteria for needing cash-value life coverage and who prefer the security of steady returns may want whole life insurance.


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