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Is Travel Insurance For You?

If you are planning a vacation out of the state or even out of the country, you probably are spending a small fortune on your travel arrangements. Thus, one snag in your travel plans may bring an end to your vacation and the money that you spent.

Since vacation packages can be expensive and if your are traveling to a foreign country, the services of that country may not be suitable if you  become severely sick or injured.  If this scares you, you may want to look into travel insurance.  The costs of the typical travel insurance is usually around 10% of the price of your trip and usually covers medical evacuation, your flight home and follow-up treatment, plus if you were on a cruise, your cruise cost would be refunded to you.  It does not take much to end your vacation and its a small price to pay to have the comfort of knowing that you will have a helping hand when  you need one.

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