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Disability Insurance

Replaces your earnings when you are partially or totally disabled.  Find out why an "Own Occupation" policy is the right policy.

Overhead Expense Insurance

Overhead Expense Insurance is designed to pay the expenses of operating your business during a short-term disability. 

Life Insurance

Like disability insurance, life insurance replaces the earnings lost following your death.  

Health Insurance

Most plans fall into four basic categories:  Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO's), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO's), Point-of-Service plans (POS's), and Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPO's).

Long Term-Care Insurance

With extensions in life expectancy, the need for long-term care insurance has become obvious.  Considering the fact that incapacity can wipe out a client's life savings, impoverish a client's spouse and impose hardships on a client's family, few people are not candidates for long-term care insurance.  

Specialty Insurance

Coverage for International medical, bridge plans, excess medical, disability coverage for golfers,  race car drivers, professional athletes, executives, physician, kidnap and event cancellation coverage.

Dental Insurance

Dental carriers offer HMO and PPO type plans.  Plans usually cover two cleanings and two  x-rays per year.

Travel Insurance

Delays and trip cancellation can be expensive, this coverage provides benefits during travel.

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance usually covers lens, glasses and eye exams.

Critical Illness Insurance

If you are age 65 you may be able to sell your term or cash value policy.



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